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Isn't it time we protect our data better?

Compusync is an enterprise grade backup, file sync and share solution for collaboration and disaster recovery. It offers true hybrid cloud integration – securely and proudly hosted in Canada in our secure data centre, and right on your premises.


Enterprise File Sync & Share


Backup & Disaster Recovery


Military Grade Encryption

No Business is too Big or too Small

  • Simple – Easy cloud-based management of all your storage assets
  • Secure – Strong government-grade end to end encryption
  • Quick – Deploy and be up and running in under an hour
  • Share – Fast and simple control of your sync’d files for collaboration
  • Flexible – Choose from local storage, cloud storage, or both
  • Smart – File or System level backup with intelligent compression
  • Complete – Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Compusync backs up your servers, desktops and laptops both locally and to the cloud. Achieve fast data recovery with off-site redundancy in case of a local disaster.

Compusync provides you with intelligent compression and deduplication techniques to make the most effective use of your storage. Compusync has a simple and easy interface that is a joy to use, you simply won’t want to work with anything else.

Security to Help You Sleep at Night

Compusync’s secure Canadian data center never sees your unencrypted data. Not ever. Not even your metadata, and that makes Compusync the clear choice over other cloud-based backup and file sharing solutions which only encrypt your raw data once it is at rest and ready to be stored.

Enterprise File Sync & Share

  • Secure, fully behind the firewall alternative to unsanctioned cloud file sharing services
  • Consumer grade ease of use coupled with enterprise grade IT visibility and control
  • Choice of private or public infrastructure, vendor-neutral
  • Scalable, integrates with identity management systems
  • Delivers full visibility and granular auditing of file access and sharing, facilitating regulatory compliance

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Compusync is a private and secure solution for backup and file sharing. It gives end users the ability to synchronize files and folders across all devices, with easy-to-use file sharing and workspaces for team collaboration. Try it for free today!

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